Wripli™ WiFi Water Treatment System Technology

Usage history, real-time notifications, and more!

Wripli is the most advanced WiFi technology in water treatment today! Receive alerts, track water usage, and view savings right from your phone, tablet, or desktop.

When Wripli is enabled on your water softener you can see:

  • Current Flow Rate: See how much-treated water is running through your home in real time.
  • Water Usage: Monitor the total number of gallons of water your home used during the day.
  • Savings: See how much salt and water you have saved with W.E.T. (water efficient technology).
  • Notifications: Receive notifications for salt reminders, service alarms, and system errors.
  • Vacation Mode: Set vacation mode from anywhere in the world.

Download the Wripli App

The Wripli® application will give you access to your water treatment system any time and anywhere from the convenience of your phone. You will have access to valuable information such as current water flow, today's water usage, and remaining capacity. Wripli will also keep track of your home's history to review this data since the first day of installation.