Our advanced EVR water softener goes above and beyond to refine the water for your home. Its high capacity resin media and patented self-chlorinating feature combine to deliver a high level of water quality.

The patented technology monitors your systems and allows a precise level of chlorine to pass through the media bed with each regeneration to keep your unit clean. The EVR features our exclusive Water Efficient Technology® which fine-tunes the water and salt used to regenerate the media reducing waste. It's also capable of connecting wirelessly with Wripli® for complete control of your water while you're on the go.

The system is designed to be environmentally-friendly while safeguarding your household plumbing, appliances, skin, hair, and laundry. The result is more brilliant water through better science, which saves you time and money.

Innovative Features

  • Water Efficient Technology (W.E.T.) is a breakthrough in water treatment. W.E.T. is a series of patented features to reduce the amount of water and salt used. Systems equipped with W.E.T. can save up to 50% on salt and water used by the softener.
  • Wripli is the most advanced WiFi technology in water treatment today. Receive alerts, track water usage and view savings right from your phone, tablet or desktop. You can also activate "Vacation Mode" from anywhere in the world. Learn More

Advanced Efficiency

Every component, feature, and innovation of the Evolve Series® EVR unit has been designed to bring the most efficient, highest quality water to you and your family. They have been tested and certified for compliance with NSF/ANSI 44.

Exclusive Technology

  • Deep cleaning regeneration only when necessary
  • Exclusive features insures consistent water quality
  • Vacation Mode to prevent unnecessary regenerations
  • Only one internal moving part for easy maintenance
  • Battery back-up

Equipped with W.E.T. (optional)

  • Proportional Brining: Uses less salt (Available on Upflow Units Only)
  • Proportional Regeneration: Uses less water
  • Alternate Regeneration: keeps the system running at peak performance
  • Salt Monitor: triggers alarm when salt levels are low
  • Savings History Screen: shows how much it saves

Wripli Enabled (optional)

  • Current Flow Rate: See how much treated water is running through your home in real time.
  • Water Usage: Monitor the total number of gallons of water your home used during the day.
  • Savings: See how much salt and water you have saved with W.E.T.
  • Notifications: Receive notifications for salt reminders, service alarms and system errors.
  • Vacation Mode: Set Vacation Mode from anywhere in the world.
  • WiFi Technology

Patented Chlorine Generator

  • Ability to self-sanitize
  • Monitors every cleaning

High-Performance Resin

  • Powerful and durable media
  • Reduces the minerals that cause hard water
  • Undergoes rigorous quality control testing

Quartz Underbedding

  • Delivers high and consistent flow rates
  • Provides accurate and efficient cleaning process

Low-Maintenance Brine Tank

  • Built-in safety float
  • Heavy duty, corrosion-free material
  • Fills with soft water which reduces cleaning
  • Dry salt storage
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