Evolve EVRS Twin

Quality Water You Can Rely On

Our EVRS twin water softener works hard to provide quality water to your family whenever it's needed. High capacity resin media is housed in two separate system tanks to deliver softened water 24-hours per day, even if it is regenerating. A typical single tank unit can not provide softened water during it's regeneration cycle. With a twin tank system, there is a reserve tank to always provide treated water. The advanced IQ2 technology in the controller will monitor typical water usage and fi ne-tune the water and salt used to regenerate the media reducing waste. The system is designed to be environmentally-friendly while safeguarding your household plumbing, appliances, skin, hair, and laundry. The result is more brilliant water through better science, which saves you time and money.

Benefits of a Softener

Today's modern homes rely on high quality water more than ever. Advancements to appliances and fi xtures can be hindered by mineral deposits from hard water. Softened water will also:

  • Reduce use of laundry detergents, shampoos, and household cleaners
  • Prevent dry hair and itchy, flaky skin
  • Extend the life and efficiency of appliances
  • Keep towels, bedding, linens, and clothing brighter and softer

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