Residential Water Softener Products

Our exclusive Evolve Series® line of water softeners are designed to be flexible and include some of the most advanced, eco-friendly features in the industry. You can rest assured that there is an Evolve Series softener with the solution to your problem, whether you are on a well, or have city water.

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Evolve® Products

  • Evolve ES
    Evolve ES

    The ES series water softener by EVOLVE offers a simple and economical way to soften your water without some of the features that may not be necessary in some applications. A thorough evaluation of your water will determine if the ES unit is the right fit for your home's water needs.

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  • Evolve EVRS
    Evolve EVRS

    The EVRS water softener by EVOLVE featuring patented WET technology offers state of the art features only offered by EVOLVE. The exclusive salt monitoring system and proportional regeneration are sure to let you know how your equipment is performing at the touch of a button.

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  • Evolve EVRS Twin
    Evolve EVRS Twin

    Our EVRS twin water softener works hard to provide quality water to your family whenever it's needed. High capacity resin media is housed in two separate system tanks to deliver softened water 24-hours per day, even if it is regenerating. A typical single tank unit can not provide softened water during it's regeneration cycle. With a twin tank system, there is a reserve tank to always provide treated water.

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  • Evolve EVRF
    Evolve EVRF

    Utilizing dual-chamber technology, our Evolve Series EVRF unit combines the power of two medias in one tank. The high-performance resin media works in conjunction with a specialized filtration media to address your specific water needs.The EVRF not only reduces hardness, but can also handle other common water issues such as iron, manganese, particles, acidity, hydrogen sulfide, and chlorine.

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  • Evolve EVR
    Evolve EVR

    Our advanced EVR water softener goes above and beyond to refine the water for your home. Its high capacity resin media and patented self-chlorinating feature combine to deliver a high level of water quality.

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