Virtual Water Evaluation

Same Water Evaluations, Different Process

Customized Water Treatment Evaluations With No Contact

The Covid-19 pandemic has changed day to day life for American's. The number one priorty of Advanced Water is keeping our customers and staff safe, while making sure we maintain the abilty to provide clean, quality water to Livingston, Oakland, and Washtenaw counties. We are working in a new way with our customers to ensure they have acess to water treatment equipment for their homes and businesses.

We are working to minimize the number of technicians entering your home. Usually, we would send a certifed water technician into your home to test your water and evaluate your homes unique plumbing set up. Instead, we will instruct you on how to collect water samples from specific locations in your home, ask you to place them outside your home and come by only to collect the samples. We will test them in our office and then schedule a vitural meeting for you and a certified water treatment technician. This will allow us access to the exact same information and be able to formulate a water treatment plan based on your home and it's unique water quality.

It's Easy As...

1. Call us to schedule a Virtual Water Treatment Evaluation.
2. Collect your water sample, place it on your front porch.
3. Attend a video conference and give us a tour of your home.

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