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Water Testing & Treatment Company Serving the Pinckney Area

Advanced Water Treatment has been Pinckney’s local go-to for water testing and treatment solutions since 1977. We’ve built our business on the concepts of loyalty and mutual respect while striving to offer first-rate customer service while providing the freshest water around. Learn more about our water testing, water softener, and water treatment services below, or get in touch to schedule a free estimate in Pinckney, MI and nearby. Call us at 1-888-292-5901 or click below to get started!

What Is Pinckney City Water Like?

Although city water is treated in Pinckney, you’ll find that your water is high in iron and very hard. Treatment for this water has been a priority for Advanced Water Treatment over the years. Iron filters, in combination with water softeners, yield the best results. We’re seasoned in treating just these conditions to get clean, quality water to your home or business.

What Is Pinckney Well Water Like?

Iron and hard water plague the Pinckney area. It is not uncommon to find orange stains in your toilet, tub, sink, or on your laundry. Given the hardness of the water, you’re probably spending a lot more on soaps and detergents because of the reaction of the minerals in your water with the soap. This situation also leads to spending more time scrubbing soap scum out of your shower and sink.

Why Choose Advanced Water Treatment?

Pinckney’s water, while troubling, is not beyond repair. Advanced Water Treatment has been clearing up the water in Pinckney for over 40 years. We know exactly what it will take to soften and purify your water the first time.

If you have questions or concerns about your water, give Advanced Water Treatment a call at 1-888-292-5901 or click below. We serve all of Pinckney and Southeast Michigan.

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Work Requests From Pinckney, MI
Project Location: Pinckney, MI
Reverse osmosis filter needs changing Check softener
Project Location: Pinckney, MI
We want to get our water tested
Project Location: Pinckney, MI
Salt tank overflows.Thank You
Project Location: Pinckney, MI
We had a new system installed approximately a year ago. I'd like to have a water test since many power outages and discuss improving the drinking water, please. Thank you, Scott
Project Location: Pinckney, MI
13 year old kinetico system appears to no longer be working. Interested in replacing.
Project Location: Pinckney, MI
Need delivery quote for 5 gallon water
Project Location: Pinckney, MI
Water softener service and New RO quote
Project Location: Pinckney, MI
Well pump is short cycling.
Project Location: Pinckney, MI
Our current softener runs continuously look for price to replace
Project Location: Pinckney, MI
Water smell, taste, and quality
Project Location: Pinckney, MI
Need a new softner.
Project Location: Pinckney, MI
I am looking for a new system to be installed.
Project Location: Pinckney, MI
Issues with water system in my home, softener never stops running
Project Location: Pinckney, MI
My 24 year old Kinetico softener system may be on its last legs. I know I can rebed the resin but I'd like to see what a new system would cost. We have iron which is a minor problem. There is a 20 inch filter before the softener and needs to be kept. The piping to the softener needs corrected as well.
Project Location: Pinckney, MI
My hot water lines are getting blocked with deposits and it is making it so I have to brew hot water in my coffee pot to wash dishes or boil it on the stove and with a baby on the way I don't want to have to boil water to get there bottle ready
Project Location: Pinckney, MI
Water softener no longer regenerates on its own. I need to manually start it. The softener valve is a Clack WS-1. Do you service those types?
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