What Is South Lyon City Water Like?

South Lyon has a community water supply which come from groundwater sources. This water tends to be very high in calcium and magnesium, making the water especially hard. Iron is also a problem in the area causing many headaches for home owners in the form of rust stains in their bath tubs, toilets, sinks, and even laundry. This hard water scale and iron can cause catastrophic problems in the household, ruining appliances, water heaters, and staining plumbing fixtures. Advanced Water Treatment has several water treatment options to help South Lyon residents achieve the quality of water they desire.

What Is South Lyon Well Water Like?

Like many areas in Michigan, South Lyon’s well water is known to be extremely hard. High levels of iron and sulfur odors are more common than not. It’s also not a surprise to find Arsenic in water tests. Get the peace of mind you deserve in your water supply by scheduling a free water analysis to find out which contaminants are present in your water.

Why Choose Advanced Water Treatment & Well Drilling?

Advanced Water Treatment been in the water treatment business since 1977, they know South Lyon and it’s water supply. They are experts at getting homes and businesses fresh, clean, quality water, straight from the tap. We do this by installing water softeners, reverse osmosis systems, iron filters, and other equipment to get your water to the level of quality you expect.