What Is Brighton City Water Like?

The City of Brighton’s water supply comes to you from five groundwater wells located on two well fields, each providing treatment facilities for iron removal. The subsequent water has chlorine, fluoride, and polyphosphate added to it before making it’s way to your home.

What Is Brighton Well Water Like?

Iron and hard water are prevalent in Brighton’s wells. Contaminants that may be present in source water include: microbial contaminants, inorganic contaminants, pesticides and herbicides, organic chemical contaminants, and radioactive contaminants. However, just because these contaminates are present does not mean the water is undrinkable. Your best move is to have us out to your home to do a test on the water and ensure it’s safety!

Why Choose Advanced Water Treatment & Well Drilling?

For over 40 years, we’ve been servicing the Brighton area and providing clean, quality water for your home or business. If you want someone who probably treats your neighbor’s water, then give us a call!