With our bottled water delivery, we believe in providing you only the freshest bottled water. When you go to the grocery store and purchase a 5-gallon jug of the freshest, purest reverse osmosis water that you can get your hands on you think it is just that, fresh. Do you know how long that water has actually been on the rack?

At Advanced Water Treatment’s, our water is bottled fresh weekly. You don’t have to worry about the water sitting in a warehouse for several weeks or months before it gets to your home. Every week we sanitize and bottle fresh, clean 5 gallon jugs of water for you to enjoy. Our bottle cleaning process is a combination of hot water to help disinfect and allow the bottles to dry quicker, along with a sanitizing solution that makes sure the bottles are properly sanitized.

Advanced Water Treatment’s 6 Step Bottled Water Delivery Process:

  1. Our bottling process starts with city water.
  2. It is then filtered through a series of carbon filters to remove the chlorine, chloramines and other chemicals that the city adds to it.
  3. From there, the water is softened. This process is simply to remove the calcium and magnesium in the water that can harm the other treatment systems in line.
  4. After the softening process, the water runs through a reverse osmosis unit. This will further remove chemicals and other impurities that are in the water from the city.
  5. After the reverse osmosis unit, the water is run through an ozone disinfection system that kills bacteria in the water.
  6. The water is then run through a UV disinfection system as a final precaution to protect it from any bacterial contamination during the bottling process. This entire process, from start to finish, is to ensure that you receive the best quality water delivered to your home or business.

We offer water cooler rentals, sales, and service. We will deliver our fresh, clean 5 gallon jugs of water to your home or business weekly, bi-weekly or monthly. Advanced Water Treatment is second to none when it comes to water quality. Water is what we do!

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Advanced Water Treatment’s Monthly Bag Salt Deliveries

  • No more waiting for the delivery person
  • No more expensive delivery fees
  • No more lugging bags of salt home
  • Never load salt into your car again
  • Never run out of salt again
  • Never have to buy salt in bulk again
  • ALWAYS get the best quality & value in your salt
  • GREEN FACT: All of our salt and bags are made from 50% recycled materials!

We’ll match – or beat – any competitor’s price…just ask us about our “Best Value Guarantee”!

How To Order Your Monthly Salt Delivery

Reserve your spot on our monthly delivery route! CALL or EMAIL your order to Advanced Water Treatment. We will bring your salt order right to your home. Call in your order to 1-800-273-9978 or email us at: service@awtworks.com

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