Water Quality Starts From The Ground Up!
Water Quality Starts From The Ground Up!

Today we are going to talk about water treatment and what it actually means.

Sure you have the water softener, iron filter, reverse osmosis units and other items in your home to improve the water quality that you have coming from the ground. However, what we are going to talk about today is what contributes to the water quality issues that are actually being treated.

The homes that we will discuss in this blog will be those on a private well.

It is easy to overlook the source of the water for your home, but some consideration should be taken into the maintenance of your well alone.  Over the years, I have run across many homes with either damaged, missing or outdated sanitary caps on the well itself. This is the cap that seals YOUR drinking water from insects and animals. I can’t tell you how many well caps I have removed to find earwigs scattering like cockroaches in the daylight, or how many dead mice I have seen nestled under the cap. These were all a result of the sanitary cap failing.

Water Quality Starts From The Ground Up!The reason that I bring this up is the simple fact that any foreign substance that gets in your well, can and will affect the quality of the water that enters your home.  Advanced Water Treatment and Well Drilling has the capability of not only treating your water as it comes into your home, but also treating the water in your well. The cleaning and flushing of a contaminated well is important for optimal quality of water for your home. Over the years, we have cleaned many wells that have had issues with sediment, rust and/or smell coming from them. In some cases, treating the water at the point of entry is not the best way. In cases like these, treating the source with a good cleaning of the well is much more cost effective and a better long term solution than putting filters in the home.

Advanced Water Treatment and Well Drilling now has the capability of handling your water concerns from the ground up.  We can maintain your well and clean the bugs and precipitated materials out of it before they get in the home. In some cases, this may solve your water anomalies. If not, we have a variety of other solutions that can help you to achieve the quality of water that you and your family deserve.

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Advanced Water Treatment and Well Drilling.  Treating your water from the ground up!

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