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Brilliance From Your Water? Expect Nothing Less.

Whether you experience rust stains, odor, corroded plumbing or just a foul taste, there’s an Evolve Series® Whole House Filtration system that can eliminate these problems. Sinks and tubs will have fewer rust stains. Laundry will be more vibrant. Drinking water will taste and smell better. Household appliances and plumbing fixtures will operate more efficiently and last longer.

Every household deserves the right filtration system to provide quality water. As your professional Evolve dealer, we will analyze your water and configure the precise whole house filtration system for your home.

Patented IQ2 technology is smarter.

  • Deep cleaning regeneration only when necessary
  • Exclusive Features save salt and money
  • Vacation Mode – convenient, money-saving
  • System Notifications
  • Only one moving part for easy maintenance
  • Battery back-up
  • Monitored and recorded water usage history

High-performance filtration media.

  • Filters available for problem water of all kinds:
    • iron
    • manganese
    • hydrogen sulfide
    • acidic conditions
    • nuisance particles
    • and other contaminants
  • Rigorous quality control process for testing the media

Patented, integrated chlorine air chamber.

  • Ability to self-sanitize against nuisance bacteria
  • Monitors every cleaning
  • Includes low-maintenance brine tank

Innovative air chamber.

  • Effectively oxidizes dissolved contaminants
  • No added chemicals or salt
  • Patented air release technology
  • Only available in the EVFE and EVS units

Quartz underbedding.

  • Delivers high and consistent flow rates
  • Provides accurate and efficient cleaning process


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Cutting Edge Water Filtration. These filtration systems combine a unique air-induction process that oxidizes dissolved iron or sulfur with specialized filtration media to effectively remove problem…

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Custom Filters for Unique Water Problems. EVBF backwashing filters are highly effective and consistently deliver quality water for your family. Whether neutralizing acidic water, removing chlorine…

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Wonderful company to work with!! Great follow up!! Ray McConnell is our sales guy and he is on top of it every year!! He calls when our filters need to be replaced, he comes out when we have questions. He is awesome!!! Carli, another representative is wonderful!! Takes time to help you, doesn’t blow you off!!! She is amazing!!! Love the company, great quality!!!! Worth every penny!!!
(EVS sulfur filter with chlorine generator)

 , Ann Arbor, Michigan

Great service and installation!! The technician was on time, neat, and friendly. He also was very knowledgeable on all the products and answered any questions we had. He also explained all the installation and showed us where everything was. Very thorough! We got a water softener, RO system, and RO pump. The RO pump makes a HUGE difference in speed of dispensing!! I strongly suggest adding it! We now have the BEST tasting water in the neighborhood! Thanks Advanced Water!
(EVRS water softener & Ultrowater reverse osmosis drinking water system)

 , Saline, Michigan

We had Advanced Water Treatment come out and give us a price on replacing a system on our newly purchased home. All the fixtures were covered with rust and all water appliances were heavily stained. Ray, from Advanced Water Treatment found out the old system had failed and was no longer working. The prior home owner apparently did not take care of this old outdated system. Ray from Advanced Water then analyzed the water and then recommended a system to clean up our well water. With limited space Ray worked the install so it fit into the footprint in our laundry room, and when the water treatment, and reverse osmoses system came on line it was like a different water system not the old well. It was awesome how well the system operated and it is improving every day (cleaning out debris from the house system). Advanced Water Treatment then came back after several weeks of operation and ran another check on the water and it was doing very well. Ray went over again the service and operating instructions with us.
(EVRS water softener & Ultrowater reverse osmosis drinking water system)

 , Brighton, Michigan

Recently my father was having problems with iron and arsenic in his house water. Since he has problems with his memory, I was asked to be the liason in solving the problem. I contacted Advanced and was pleased with their work and their response. They kept in close communication through the process. My background is in chemistry and I was pleased that the owner was able to communicate highly technical information in a detailed way that made sense to me…translation….he knows his stuff. The technicians were forced to communicate everything twice (once to my dad) and again to me and they handled this potentially annoying situation with professionalism. Furthermore, they have solved the problem and were able to provide several alternative solutions in different price ranges. I would call them again.
(IPFE iron filter & Care Soft Pro water softener)

 , Pinckney, Michigan

We have used Advanced Water Treatment for over 15 years now and wouldn’t think of going any place else. If we have a problem, they always come out right away; generally the same day. They recently installed a new system for us complete with an iron filter and it’s working great. We are using a LOT less salt and the water taste a whole lot better.
(EVRS water softener & EVFE iron filter)

 , Pinckney, Michigan